Guilin Getaway

As summer fades out and paves the way to autumn, my Chinese friends and I bid our adieu by visiting Guilin. There, more than the unbelievable beauty of the city mounted on gorgeous hills and riverways, it was our host-family’s hospitality that left an indelible mark in my mind. It’s like we’ve come home, each of us treated like we’re part of the family. The family matriarch even reserved the two rooms that each of their daughters would normally occupy, no matter how we insisted that we would gladly take the two couches in the living room.
Our palates got acquainted with the exotic and truly addictive fried bee larvae, the unforgettably delicious Guilin noodles that would wake us up during breakfasts, the specially prepared red wine that the family has been keeping for eight years, and therapeutic dishes of freshly caught wild chicken. In my limited Mandarin vocabulary, I could only exclaim hao chi, hao he, and bao le savoring each sensation from each bite and sip of the welcome feast before us.


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