Never boring. Here’s where coffee takes you places—for where can you find France and Cuba mix and mingle with New York’s and Washington D.C.’s finest brew brothers, their aroma a rousing complement with the otherwise serene ambiance. Above them, the Italian masters of the gold roast.

Nature takes on new colors as the flavors of each corner of the globe meet in a stirring ensemble of “food, glorious food!” that can definitely light up your senses or lift your soul—from starters to desserts you’ll come back for again and again.

Behold the experience, savor the sensation. As the cosmopolitan of today and the charm of the Old World collide, a lively cultural echo of the various walks of life that thread its grounds.


Further afoot, the colonial past retains its ancestral elegance yet shares residence with the modern yet mystical discotheque, bars and Mediterranean bistros. Not to be outdone, its oldest structure—Greenbelt 1—is house now to the avant garde, an artistically rethought food court fit for kings and suiting every budget.

The fashionable are never left behind, as Greenbelt’s shopping thrills never fail to excite with the latest and even exclusive rags from every style capital imaginable. Function takes on a more pleasing form as novelty items and rare collectibles abound to adorn your household’s every nook and cranny.

The techno and the sporty will have a field day as gadgets and gears team up with delightfully trendier and definitely cooler shades not to be missed. Even hobbyists find home here—one’s childhood and hidden talents relived for yet another day. Or to simply pass time.

When the Ayalas made the Philippines their home, Greenbelt must have been the vision of, and now testament to, all the grandeur and generosity that mark the buena familia’s multi-charmed lives. And I’m more than glad to be part of that wonderful, wonderful journey. As deeply rooted a Manileño as I may be.



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