We Are The Government

THIS GOVERNMENT–including its various offices and the workers in those offices–OWES ITS MACHINERY mainly from our income and industry taxes, remittances, and foreign loans that we the people also pay for eventually. We are the government.

We, the taxpayers, should be the ones setting the nation’s real agenda. Our money runs this government and we should be shaping its policies according to our needs and requirements as the sovereign. We entrust those we elect in this government with our hard-earned incomes because we expect each of them to invest on ensuring our constitutional rights, safety and security, political stability and economic progress as a nation.


So that those who have less in life among us can have more in law, in opportunities, in choices, and in securing our collective future.

If we knew why we needed a government in the first place, we would not be wasting money defending the president and everyone we have empowered to represent us in this government. We, the sovereign, elected them–and we can eject them–if they have only proven themselves incompetent in our eyes. We judge their performance, not vice versa.

We did not elect the president and others in government just so they could define for us our crimes and punish us with death and fear. We temporarily empowered them so that they can defend our rights and ensure return-on-investment on our invested taxes—not for them to diminish the value of our and our fellow Filipinos’ lives and limbs.
That seat of power comes with responsibilities and expected outcomes, not perks and pork privileges.

We entrusted these men in government with our one vote and our taxes with the knowledge that they will:

1. DEFEND OUR RIGHT TO LIFE AND LIBERTY—NOT to be punished as a suspected criminal and fear for our own safety, live amidst certainty only of murder, and face penalty of death at their whims.

2. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE—NOT to be called a “collateral damage” in their self-made war or a criminal when they turn nine and to risk being uneducated or suffer from a low-quality educational system.

3. ENSHRINE OUR HARD-EARNED DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM AND ECONOMIC STRENGTH—NOT to steal from its coffers for pork barrel in any given name; not to surrender our sovereignty and our countrymen’s livelihood; and not to deepen the Filipinos’ poverty, slavery, joblessness and idiocy due to malignant greed and sheer incompetency of those in power.


Our choice as a people is never between a miserable life and certain death; we did not pay cheaply for a bullet and a gun unless they are pointed towards thieves in government. Even then we should have enough money to ensure our democratic right to life and liberty; proper, quality education for all our children; food and job security; overall economic progress; industry and infrastructure; and advancement and future-proofing of our people.

We do not need to live poor and miserable just because the ones we elected turned out to be thieves, murderers and crooks. We just need to replace them with those who can truly represent our hard-fought votes and hard-earned taxes.

We are the government. We set the agenda. We are the President, his Cabinet members, and the others we elect in this government. They answer to us. It’s time we take back this government. Or take back our votes and taxes for a new government we can truly call our own.



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