Ghosts Unpublished, 1

our silenced protests kept cages of unresolved selves
the past above us lurks, as closeted as we are
the present hangs a cold warning on our tiring minds
tick-tocking a body count of the things
that remain to be done and never will be
phantoms of our entrails
outdone by our own inventions
—shadows of what we can never be.

(A )wake
and the paradigm
of contorted truths
created and lived
for the satisfaction
of a false belief
and demigods

worn, this tattered soul
ice-cold in tears
fearful of solitude
mourning in liberation
sealed, gagged, sold
to rest in peace

in this, his human pretense
First Angsts
bedeviled as we are, my delusions meet
your own delirious angst and shticks
and aren’t they as delicious as those
creature curves that walk on dainty legs
as we down our tequila and pizza
and our own dry, sarcastic wit
and to think we were sober
but seething in our dormant protests
like pimples waiting to be pricked

3 A.M., Dying
you only build my restlessness
a passionate anamnesis
best left forgotten
even in pain
and fear

Hunger Unknown
from it my rushed courage
borrowed words and rented time
and there I, at the corner
chewing myself, nibbling my night
I could eat only so much so I found out
in this sadness that has no name
and bears no face



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