No-Buzz Digital Transformation

Leading digital transformation is not just about technology and buzzwords. To enable change, leaders must remember why they need to embrace digital in the first place before rethinking their current model: business survival and market relevance, among others.


Technologies enable organizations with highly advanced tools they need to stay interactive, integrated and savvy. Their use of modern buzzwords keep them and their audiences engaged until the next new set of “It” terms.

Beyond being technology-driven, however, digital leaders can only succeed if they:

  1. Rethink existing leadership styles and engagement mindsets: innovations management as the new business model, “your employees are also your customers” mindset, renewed revenue strategies that take into account ever-changing market and behaviors
  2. Enable a more empowering way to operationalize and get things done: telecommuting, co-workspace, life-work integration, employee engagement via a culture of learning excellence and CSR advocacies
  3. Embrace data and content management as key asset differentiators: data story, big data and analytics, the value of compelling and unique storytelling
  4. Internally synch up on knowledge management–creation and processing up to delivery and maintenance ensuring that every member of the staff is on the same page (Intranet, portals, microsites, etc.)
  5. Institutionalize continuous learning and build a culture of out-of-the-box thinking: from work-spaces that make way for self-expression, ergonomics, healthy lifestyle, to ensuring a very motivated environment (no room for complacency, please.)

What other ways do you see your company embrace and lead digital transformation? How has it changed your life so far?


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