(For convincing me then how love bridges the distance of a thousand griefs away from home)

Does your love yearn to weave
Among dreams and nightscapes
Where you hide your smile?

Can it not shine with the day
Where we meet with a kiss
Unashamed like the sun?

Do I have to dream all day
to be with you?

I sleep in a stranger’s bed,
Walk on alien floors
And drink their juices,
As I remain predisposed to
Us so-called heroes’ dark tales

Tumbling shadows from dawn
Hiding skeletons at night-break
Squeezing salvation from my sins
Collected from pre-programmed chores

Contemplating fate’s handiwork
As I scrape candles from unknown graves
My favorite dead lighting my way

But should I keep my eyes shutto know your truth?

—Just another 4 A.M.question in a faraway land—

Or must I go back to the empty room and find
Just the memory of another night

But not you?

Flora (45)


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