Meet Content Grid V2

Eloqua and JESS3’s highly acclaimed Content Grid V2 beautifully illustrates the role content plays in helping brands meet business objectives and for buyers to reach their individual goals. An added value of this latest version is its outline for measuring content marketing success (KPIs).


Buying stage and personaYou can further flesh this out by developing your Personas’ user profiles and fitting their online behaviors and roles within the buying cycle.





PersonaWhen finished, you should have something similar to “Maria’s” demographic/psychographic profile, as follows:

Eventually, as you develop your Content Calendar, expand your initial selection of content types and feel free to conduct A/B Testing, taking note of success stories based on content ideas that get the most conversations and conversions.


Also remember to go multimedia and use social media’s hyperconnectivity, shareability, and crowdsourcing capabilities to your advantage : use images, infographics, interactive content and even videos to address your buyers’ attention deficit and to rise above the competitive materials available in the market.


Lastly, whether writing for B2B or B2C audiences, appeal to human aspirations and relationships, pain points and need to be educated, well-informed and helped. Kindness and authenticity are at the heart of content and inbound marketing. By building genuine and lasting relationships and staying true to your words with your audiences, you’ve placed your brand top of mind with them effortlessly.

After all, YOU are that brand.



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