Again, What’s Your Brand Story?

Coca-Cola bottled happiness and made sure we can’t stop the feeling…and won’t stop spending. Pepsi countered with an entirely new generation mantra and sold individual choice and freedom, though not as successfully in their more recent attempt.

Central to Microsoft’s marketing strategy may be in making its operational system pervasive, making us invest for future better versions. But at the heart of its genius is in having made possible inexpensive personal and network computer a reality since. Sleek and sexy, Apple captured the hearts of the more design-conscious set, equally rewarding the company a top ten spot in terms of global profitability.

Brands, of course, are not fail-proof and don’t always convert into billions. Undeniably, however, brand equity adds up to any company’s overall value. It is a foot in the door that lets people sit up and listen to your story. But remember to ask: what really is your story?

Your Story is your Big Idea, your Differentiator, the Why you are in the business in the first place. It is not just about the colors, the tagline and the flyers. Above all, your story embodies the emotional and reputational bonds beyond your bottomline ambitions — along with the kind of genuine relationships, service testimonials and success stories you’ve built up along the way.

Everyone provides a product, a service or a solution. How does yours rise above the noise–what makes you different? Why should buyers listen to you instead? Is it your reliability? Does it resonate well with your users’ expectations of you? Does it help ease their pain? One answer, one story. And then begin again.


Recently, there is also a mad scramble for content marketing as some sort of a thought leadership-driven silver bullet. Without a proper strategy that begins with your brand story, however, the bullet can also fire back. Your content and your SEO efforts should support your brand story, not the other way around.

Building your brand story was never meant to be a simple undertaking, but begin with the Whys and the Hows, and the inherent difficulty will take care of itself. Your Brand Story is your commitment to your target market; and you must honor it every step of the way. The process may also take you to a deeper discovery: should you be in that business in the first place?


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