Top 5 Reasons Why It’s NOT All About You

I hope you love great tasting ice cream as much as I do. However, if it’s not exactly your cup of tea, please feel free to improvise the following examples with another product or service of your choice. But the current scorcher is really asking me to go ahead and treat myself to a creamy pint, so go ahead and join me if you want while reading on.

Meet Seller 1: The ice cream you’ve been waiting for has arrived, folks! Presenting My Favorite Ice Cream, freshly made and sold just the way you and I want it –sweet and special. With flavors I — and you, too will — love for sure. Get one now!

You know Seller 2: On the hunt for the coolest way to beat the summer heat? Dash to Eskimo Ice Cream and chill along with our new tropical flavors. Guess which one is Selena’s and Bieber’s chiller choice…and get a free scoop on us!

Finally, here’s Seller 3: Holding a party for kids with a long list of ice cream flavor wishes but short on budget? Surprise them with a tub of Rainbow Dreams Ice Cream and get ready for wows and ooms on your next party.

No value proposition is ever really wasted depending on your brand goal and target market. There is always an audience waiting to be tapped if you hit the right notes with them…by talking about them, and not about you all the time. Here are some of the more popular ways you can get your audience on your side and not be stuck with tone-deafening “My Brand Story” gimmickry.

5. Go niche. Root for a particular set or segment of your market demographics: by occupation, gender, age, income brackets, etc. Zero in on understanding their unique environments and buying behaviors and test how they interact with your product/service offerings. Then focus on that market and lead.

For B2B marketing, this is equivalent to coming up with different personas who are decision-makers in buying your product/service. The end result is a set of useful content specifically written with each decisionmaker’s concerns in mind.

4. Care. Help in solving customer pain points and demonstrate how you can lead your customers to their success. Transform your product/service features into customer benefits. Features overwhelm, but benefits show your customers what’s in it for them.

Remember that you offer a solution, not just a product. Finally, keep in mind that you are there to express their viewpoints, not to impress them with your credentials.

3. Incentivize. There is nothing more flattering than having a roster of grateful clients, repeat customers or even loyal patrons and brand advocates or influencers. They are what your client relationship business or CRM is all about. From the get-go, build an engagement program around your first set of customers and make it mutually beneficial, interactive and cost-effective. Reward repeats and referrals with incentives, discounts and specials.

On top of this, stay consistently great and keep on innovating by hearing your customers out: their feedback is your best incentive.

2. Be the channel. Start from the top: care about your market and identify a gap that only a few realize as an opportunity. Tag them as your customer pain points, and then start rolling out discussions about them. Your discoveries should allow you to come up with timely and relevant articles that help turn conversations into conversions.

Nurture those initial encounters with additional expert help and advice until they are sold on your leadership motivation and until you are ready to unveil your solution for them. Your journey together with your newfound client has just begun.

1. Champion your customers’ causes. Walk awhile in your customers’ shoe. You talking about yourself is hard-sell braggadocio that is only as credible as every loving mom talking about her wonderful kid. Amusing sometimes, especially if she’s meeting your prospective partner for the first time.

However, a customer’s journey is an entirely different encounter. You have to get to know Mr. Customer before he could even care about why he could possibly buy your product…or meet your mum. Get to know where they hangout online and be present without being intrusive. Your goal is to make your first handshake and elevator pitch.

Now, about your favorite ice cream flavor…


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