Go VIP: Visual, Interactive, Personalized

All proofs and statistics point to your customers’ need to find answers with your help. You, the marketer, are there to assist them in the most demanding yet equally fruitful relationship possible. They know how they want their answers delivered…and the good news is: you can deliver effectively if you think differently!

Every customer is different.You can call them personas or user profiles, AND they know when you are targeting them for batch emails or demographic-driven content delivery. So stop.

Instead, go for personalized, customizable content based on their digital usage and behavior. Why insist on delivering the wrong type of content when you know the stage of purchase they are in? Why send marketing material that does not align with their digital platform? When you research shows that they use their laptops for research, tablets for social media engagement, and separate smartphones for personal and professional connections, shouldn’t your content design follow their usage?

When in doubt, seek your customers’ feedback and inputs. Digital technology has given marketers the power to connect and empower their customers via friendly or even incentive-designed surveys, polls, Q&A’s or a simple quick chatbot catch-up. Make every interaction count by always thanking your customers for their time.

But make the connection and engagement delightful. Make your encounter a rewarding and fun experience for your customers. Gamification-inspired and humor-driven quizzes (i.e. “Which house and character would you be in Game of Thrones?”) are fun to share because they respond to their target audiences’ personalities effectively. They also offer instant gratification and can get very shareable.

Remember: your target buyers, audiences and market are humans. They respond emotionally as they do rationally, so target both their hearts and minds with compelling content that captures their short attention span in their fast mobile lifestyle. Take their hands and be seen as a helpful buddy who has a secret treasure or adventure to share their precious time with.

Your content, the helpful hand, is an expansion of your brand. So speak up leveraging the power of your brand and the customer service experience you have built through time–both built around a better understanding of your customers. Delight them with well-thought out lights, sounds and actions that celebrate your shared stories with them.

Never fail to listen to your VIP–the are your partners in creating and delivering visual, interactive and personalized content and stories about your shared values and experiences. When you know your VIP customers, you know how to make your content built for VIP.


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