Disrupt, Differentiate…Or Die.

Fire. The Wheel. Telephone. TV. Atomic Bomb. Antibiotics. Prozac. Vaccine. AZT. Personal Computer. Renewable Energy. The Web. Smartphone. Viagra. The Internet of Things.

You will want to imagine that with all these advancements, the humankind has successfully created a very progressive and humane world. This can only be the “future stage” of egalitarianism, the very zenith of humanity.

But insatiable greed always has a different plan impervious to shifts in time. It lives to build walls just as modern progress opens windows and doors. Its thirst for self-preservation is beyond words.


Eventually, every challenge, big or small, presents an opportunity just waiting for us to discover. These travels and random thoughts embody such an effort: making the most out of what’s available.

Silver linings. Rainbow’s end. Superman. We all find their equals in exchange for our courage and curiosities.



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